21st century women are passionate, optimistic and hard working. They know what they want and are not afraid to pursue their ambitions. Here are 7 career tips for the millennial women who work .

1. Mental preparation is the key to success:  to succeed with the aid of placing daily and weekly goals and through taking the time to plan your destiny. if you want to obtain large things, define some of smaller dreams on the way to take you there.

2. Manage your time: First, learn how to prioritize. second, create a each day to-do list and with time outlines. budget nicely for weekly conferences and time spent on workplace duties ,avoid time suckers ,Set limits and placed those activities on the again burner till greater essential duties are complete.


A young business lady is going up the  corporate ladder

3. Read your way to success: many millennial’s don’t take care of complaint thoroughly and have hassle managing impatience in the direction of mounted administrative center practices. grasp these smooth abilties via studying the classics.

4. Stand up for yourself: 15 percentage of woman less likely to ask for a raise compared to men in the same age group. We are also averse to discussing advancement with superiors. If you’re one of the 41 percent who feel that you’re underpaid and undervalued, you know who to blame.

5. Get what you want. Folks in our generation expect to have fewer than five long-term jobs, but about two-thirds move to a new position after three years. Companies want us to be happy, and it doesn’t take much. If your boss can give you flex-time, more vacation and small perks, you’re much more likely to stay and to be happy.

6. Know your limits: The most common component preventing generational ladies from advancing is an inability to stability personal and professional desires, along with being a parent. nearly 20 percent of girls say that they don’t have the self belief had to develop. Ten percentage of young professional women cite a lack of education or difficultly finding mentors as their pinnacle profession roadblocks.

By : Ahmed Dilshad