Questions For Candidates

For how long will my candidate profile stay active?

We will store your Candidate Profile in our database for a minimum of 6 months. You will be notified via email or by a phone call when your profile it is about to expire. You can update or delete your Candidate Profile at any time as you wish.

Are my details secure in your hands?

Absolutely Yes.
Your details are 100% Secure with us. As a pioneer in the recruitment and headhunting industry, we take pride in our security. We will not disclose your details with any other third party without your consent.

How do I apply for a position ?

Please use our recruiting page to check and apply for current vacancies. Once you find a vacancy of interest, you will need to register online and open your Candidate Profile, where you can upload a CV, cover letter and relevant documents.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Of course!
You can apply and be put forward for as many roles as we consider you suitable for. If you get an offer from more than one client, then the decision will be yours as to which one you accept.

When can I expect to hear about the status of my application?

Typically we aim to do this within a two to three-week period following your application. However, in some cases; depending on the vacancy and number of applications, the process might take us longer to get back to you.

I have a very specific question which is not covered in this section. What can I do?

Please send an email to our HR team at or contact us on +94115103623

Questions For Clients

How much do you charge for your services?

Our experience of the the market tells us that ultimately the charges we make need to be competitive and offer our clients value for money so naturally, It would be a standard market rate. Please contact us for further clarifications: +94115103623

What's the best way to contact you with a requirement I have?

The best way to contact us with your requirement is over our email and our hotline number.
Email: /
Hotline: +94115103623
We will make sure your inquiry will be answered within 12 hours.

How does your recruitment process happen?

According to your requirement our team will look up for the best possible candidates who are registered in our database (both local and foreign nationals). After handpicking the best, our team will conduct pre interviews in our offices; filter and send you the best candidate who will be an EXACT MATCH for your vacancy.