Trying to build relationships that will take your career to the next level is a lot of pressure. Add a pandemic to the mix and it’s even more complicated. But that doesn’t necessarily have to stop you.

Here are few tips to set yourself up for success to use during the lock down and the foreseeable future.


Reach Out Today!

The way we connect with each other has completely changed and that actually means that right now is a great time to connect with people because they’re no longer out having coffee, lunch or dinners or networking with other people.


Get Personal (Within Reason)

Being professional doesn’t mean that you’re impervious to the world around you. And being a little vulnerable might foster an even stronger connection. Asking thoughtful questions and being a part of someone’s support system even as a potential hire makes you more memorable. People are naturally social creatures and wants to be with other people that makes them feels like “Yes this is going to be okay”.


Get Specific

Have a clear idea of why you’re talking to someone and what you want to get out of the conversation. The good rules of networking still applies. When you approach someone you want to be specific about why you’re contacting them.


Know your value

Remember that work experience comes in lots of different forms, not just from being in an office. Hiring managers know that they’ll be looking at your full body of work, which includes volunteering, extracurricular activities, school projects and sports. So take note of the things that you’ve done and how you can apply them to a different setting.


Be yourself

Authenticity is your greatest asset and it’s what people will remember most.


Make a great first impression.

Whether it’s your first meeting, interview, zoom call or your CV. Try to stand out, do something different and leave an impact in their mind.


Good Luck